Read below our users’ most common questions about our app.

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Who are the users of Skimpl?

Users of Skimpl are varied—from small freelance teams, to mid-sized shops, to enormous multinationals. Practically anyone who works with 2 or more people will benefit from Skimpl. Skimpl workforce management tool is perfect for IT shops and creative shops, although it can also be used by teams from other industries.

How does Skimpl help?

Companies or teams achieve their business objectives through people. In order to maximize value and achieve higher returns, they need to optimize utilization and ensure everyone is working well and within budget. To achieve these, companies need to balance assignments and make sure work is distributed evenly. This way they can avoid excessive overtime and imbalanced loading.

Skimpl makes resource management easier by providing users with access to a simple dashboard where they can enter data and view individual’s and team’s schedules. Skimpl provides powerful reports which help companies track performance on a real-time basis.

Which tools does Skimpl work with?

It can work with any tool; however, it is integrated with top PM tools such as Basecamp. Integration allows for pulling of data from these existing PM tools, making it easier to sync information between the two systems.

Is there a personal version?

None. Skimpl is made to be used by a team whether large or small to make allocation of their members easier.

How do I start using it?

Go to the homepage and sign up. The process only takes 30-60 seconds.

How do team members use it?

Once you’ve set up a company account, you can invite your members by entering their email addresses in the invite section of the app.

How much does Skimpl cost?

None. Skimpl is free! In the future we’ll be adding exciting new features and will be charging a small amount monthly for use of these features. We’ll let you know soon.