About Skimpl


Skimpl is team scheduling and workforce optimization in one.

It is designed to make productivity management so much easier for everyone.


Team Scheduling

With Skimpl, it is now easy for managers to monitor their teams’ schedules and distribute task assignments at any time. Resources, in turn, can easily view their assignments and update them when completed.


Workforce optimization

At Skimpl’s center is a dashboard where managers can look for data regarding workforce utilization and company productivity.

The dashboard gives managers quick answers to critical questions, such as:

  • Is my company productive or not?
  • Are people properly utilized?
  • Do I have enough resources?
  • Is my pipeline filled enough for the next months?

Skimpl Benefits

Skimpl is perfect for performance-focused organizations. Below are a few of its other benefits:

  • Top-level visibility into utilization and productivity
  • Fast, convenient employee scheduling
  • Richer, more insightful reports
  • Individual dashboards for performance monitoring
  • Basecamp account synching in seconds

It only takes a minute to get your account set up! Click  to sign up!